Developing Prolific Writing Prowess

The more books you publish, the more attention you receive from readers – that’s a fact. So how do you go about becoming a prolific author? And how often is too often to publish – or is there no such thing? Join us for secrets and strategies that could change your writing game.

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Uncommonly Common Writing Questions

There are loads of common writing questions whose answers overload the writing atmosphere. But what about the common ones you can’t find answers to? Or that are too hard to phrase to ask online? Fret no more! The experts are here to help. Bring your questions to the chat, and if there are loads of questions, we can do this more regularly!

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Turning a Book into a Series…Or Not

Series can be a distinct draw for readers, so how do you go about turning your single novel into a series? Should you? Join The Writer’s Edge in discussing all the ins and outs of creating a series – or an alternative to one.

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