The History of Horror Through The 1950s

In the Halloween spirit? Travel back with us to Poe, Lovecraft, Lagosi, Price – we’re spanning writings and movies to explore horror history in a modern light. How much has changed for the better and for the worse? How do the classics impact books and movies today? Join us for a fun discussion.

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Uncommonly Common Writing Questions

There are loads of common writing questions whose answers overload the writing atmosphere. But what about the common ones you can’t find answers to? Or that are too hard to phrase to ask online? Fret no more! The experts are here to help. Bring your questions to the chat, and if there are loads of questions, we can do this more regularly!

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The Writing-Job-Life Balance

Everyone can relate to the struggle of fitting in writing time when your schedule is already overpacked. Join The Writer’s Edge in discussing the art of balancing work, family, and even your author platform while still allowing your creativity to flow.

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